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Sidney Crosby picks up where he left off in January

  http://www.canada.com/Sidney+Crosby+picks+where+left+January/5745633/story.html#ixzz1eRpVno5n In this article they talk about Sidney Crosby and his return to the NHL last night Crosby had an awesome game he had two goals and two assist the the Pittsburg Penguins 5-0 win against the New York Islanders Crosby played as if he never missed a game he is able to still be a contender for the points leader and goal leader if he continues to play the way that he is playing now. Crosbys return might spark the fire for Alex Ovechkin who was a 50goal scorer a couple of years ago he used to be a crazy goal scorer he has not been scoring the way he used to the return of Crosby might make those to play hard against each other like they did in their rookie season that was the year that they both scored 50 goals i think and Ovechkin won the top scorer and and top goals award this may be the renewal of the battle in between Ovechkin vs Crosby.

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