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‘Crosby Show’ returns for another season

http://www.ottawacitizen.com/sports/Crosby+return+Penguins+lineup+Monday/5740884/story.html In this article they are talking about how Sidney Crosby is making his return to the NHL after missing nearly a year due to a concussion he suffered from two hits one of the hits was from David Steckel in the winter classic and the other was from Tampa Bay Lightning defencemen Victor Hedman Crosby has been taking part in the teams contact practices and he has been hit a couple of times into the boards because of battling for the puck. Crosby is going to go on the ice and want the puck he is going to go on the ice with alot of energy he might tired him self out quickly but he will learn to slow his pace down and work on his timing he will not be held back of the normal amount of ice time because the coach will let him play and if Crosby plays the 12minutes he will want to play that 13th minute and so on.


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