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New York Rangers at Ottawa Senators on Nov. 9, 2011

http://www.senatorsextra.com/main/new-york-rangers-at-ottawa-senators-on-nov-9-2011 In this article they are making predictions on whos going to win tonights hockey game between the Ottawa Senators and the New York Rangers they are comparing the two teams and both teams have big injuries Ottawa has there captain Daniel Alfredsson of the line up due to a concussion and the New York Rangers are missing forward Woltek Wolski its kind of karma that the Rangers forward Woltek Wolski is out because he was the person who gave Daniel Alfredsson the concussion when he delivered a clear elbow to Daniel Alfredsson head the NHL didnt even suspened him he only got a 2 minute penalty i think he should of got at least a 5 game suspension.


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