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My Weekend!

This past weekend i had a great weekend i went snowmobiling and i hung out with my cousin. but the weekend sucked because of car troubles first my cousins car started but died then my other cousin his car started leaking transmission fluid but we drove it to where we were going anyways then my cousin who is a mechanic took a look at it and said not to drive it so we had to get a ride from my cousins friend Mark so we were driving on the 416 and then the rear right tire ripped open so we had to replace the tire and it sucked cause it was really cold on the side of the 416 so my weekend was fun but kinda sucked


Android Phones

I dont know what to blog about today so im going to blog about Android Phones because they are awesome i got my Android phone not to long ago and i find it amazing and not that many ppl have android phones so its better cause with the black berry it came out and was a great phone so everyone got it like everyone has the same phone basically cause they all look the same but with Androids they are different and they are more customisable then black berry and the iphone so its amazing cause you can customize the phone and screen the way u want it to be!

Math CPT

today in math class we had a cpt to do it started yesterday but i only had today to do it because i missed school yesterday it really sucks because i only completed 1 part out of the 2 i had to do today so i lost a big percent of marks on that project which really sucks because i cant fail math or ill be in trouble lol

Another Snow Day and im at school :(

when you wake up as a kid in elementary school and you hear its a snow day all the busses are cancelled you get excited and you are full of joy but once u hit high school there are no snow days anymore because you take public transit so lets just say snow days arent that impressive anymore :/

My Weekend!!!

My weekend was super fun!!!!! Me and my cousins went snowmobiling it was awesome we went to are favorite riding spot it’s awesome because its just down the road from my cousins and because in the summer we can dirt bike a four wheeler there its awesome and my two cousins and i did a sick trick we drove the snowmobiles up a hill that was like 100feet high and theres a guard rail cause cars go by so we drove up then did a drop back down the hill but we waved at the cars going by it was awesome then at the bottom of the hill there was a jump and we wheelied off of it lol it was next level awesome!!!!! 🙂


Today we are starting to work on are yearbooks we are using the yearbook design company named Friesens its a really cool program or well online computer program its pretty sick me and lucas get to work on the grade ten part of it so it should be easy cause me and him are both in grade 10 and we know like almost everyone in are grade

The Sens game last night!

The Ottawa Senators won 5-1 yesterday against the Pittsburg Penguins the Ottawa Senators took a early 2-0 lead with the opening goal by Chris Neil they played looked so simple but it could of never happenend if  the Pittsburg Penguins defenceman Ben Lovejoy played the body Lovejoy other then making the hit on Chris Neil Ben Lovejoy took the man infront just incase neil made a pass the first two goals were allowed because of the bad defensive plays by Ben Lovejoy but it wasnt all his fault they were beautiful plays by the Ottawa Senators so it was a mixture of great skills and bad defensive skills so it wasnt completely Ben Lovejoy’s fault